Avengers Books at SLJ

Nice piece at School Library Journal about a bunch of the kids' books Disney/Marvel published to go along with the Avengers movie, including two I wrote:

"Successfully coalescing multiple plot lines, the clearly written narrative presents a succinct recounting of each hero's back story, highlights the efforts of Nick Fury and his agents to recruit them, describes the particulars of Loki's power play, and conveys the story's climax. Full- and double-page film photos illustrate the tale, presenting both portrait-style close-ups and explosive action scenes. The layout is attractive, with neatly designed graphic backdrops, various font sizes and colors for the text, and bright headings to help readers identify individuals and time periods. A good choice for sharing aloud with younger movie fans and for perusal by independent readers."

"Narrated in a conversational tone by Nick Fury, The S.H.I.E.L.D. Files introduces each of the team members and their abilities with lively and informal language (e.g., Hulk can "throw a truck like it's a baseball, and he can stomp a tank in half")."

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