Another other Scott Peterson

So I'm not the only Scott Peterson. For a while, I may have been the best known one—at least, in the early days of the Google, I was the top many hits, thanks to my work on Batman.

That's obviously not the case anymore and thanks ever so much for that, now-better-known-Scott Peterson. No, it's not exactly the worst thing he's done—far from it, obviously—but it's an uncool bit of collateral damage.

There are at least three other Scott Petersons out there that are also writers and although I've never had any contact with any of them, I suspect they've encountered the same double-takes and jokes I have and thus feel roughly the same way.

Which is not to say, for me, at least, having the same name as someone else is entirely without its perks. For instance, there's the Scott Peterson who's story editor on the brilliant Phineas & Ferb and whose comps came to my house today, due to our having a publisher in common. I opened the box, not knowing what was inside, and sighed, bemused once again at the understandable mix-up.

I didn't close the box. When you've got a house full of huge Phineas & Ferb fans, this is a mistake. Little eyes are sharp and little hands quick and what one discovers often spreads like a benevolent ebola virus. And soon...

Sorry, other Scott Peterson. For what it's worth, your work is much belovéd.

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