Serious Moonlight

io9 has a regular feature they call Concept Art Writing Prompts. They post a piece of art and invite readers to submit stories based upon the illustration. I've started writing (very) short stories as a warm-up to my real writing. This one is based on a piece by Leonid Tishkov and Boris Bendikov.

Serious Moonlight

They used to stop by spontaneously, to see if they could get him to come out clubbing. It never worked, of course. Now they'd still extend invitations to parties and gatherings, but it was a mere formality; it was clear that while he was quite personable—even delightful—during the day, any socializing with Drew would simply need to be done long before dark. 

They all knew it. They just didn't know why. They didn't know what it was he did by himself all night, every night. And they'd have never believed it. 

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