"Gordon’s narration is one of the joys of the story."

GeekMom reviews Batgirl Beyond:

Batman Beyond Unlimited #18 introduces a brand-new Batgirl to the DC Animated Universe, and the story, “Batgirl Beyond,” by Scott Peterson and Annie Wu, does so in spectacular fashion.
Unlike the current DC monthly comics, which have ditched all other Batgirls to focus on just one, the DCAU welcomes the legacy and has now-Police Commissioner Barbara Gordon fighting alongside a newcomer dressed in traditional Gotham Bat-garb. 
 Gordon’s narration is one of the joys of the story. 
“Rolling through Crown Point again. Fourth night in a row. First night someone’s blown up my squad car, though.” 
The new Batgirl saves Gordon in the ensuing riot and the former Batgirl sees promise in this new hero, though she’s naturally cautious about sanctioning a vigilante and one who happens to be a teenage girl at that. 
Annie Wu’s art makes the story look like an episode of the animated series, from Gordon leaping off a highway overpass to the current and former Batgirls fighting literally back-to back, to their high/low takedown of the thugs of the villain of the story. 
Credit also goes to Peterson, who was an editor at DC Comics when the last minority Batgirl, Cassandra Cain, was created, and also has a long history with Barbara Gordon. 
Female artist, new heroine, and an African-American heroine too. We need more of all of those things in our comics. 
I handed the comic off to my youngest son, he handed it back about 10 minutes later, pronounced it awesome, and asked when this Batgirl was getting a new series. 
So, hey, DC Digital? When is this Batgirl getting a new series that co-stars Commissioner Barbara Gordon?

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