Gotham Adventures #20

I don't like cover copy. When it comes to covers, I much prefer a minimalist approach: the title and the credits and other than that, just let the image speak for itself.

But my editor on Gotham Adventures, the indefatigable and redoubtable Darren Vincenzo, wanted cover copy on Gotham Adventures #20 and gave me the first shot. I tried, I really did, but I couldn't come up with anything. Do I not like cover copy because I'm not very good at it, or am I not very good at it because I don't like it? Or maybe they're mutually exclusive? Either way, I drew a blank. I mean...'s Batman (and Robin and Nightwing) eating cereal. What can you say? What really needs saying?

And the moment I opened my comp copies and saw the printed books, I thought, oh, of course: Champions of Breakfast.


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  1. :) One of my favorites.
    Sure, "Champions of Breakfast" could have worked, but I'll take "Eden's Own" as an upfront clue. It hooked me to read on.