life imitates art

Sounds like someone's been reading Game Over.

Mathematician says Kansas voting machines need to be audited
WICHITA, Kan. —A Wichita State University mathematician said she has seen enough odd patterns in Kansas election results that she thinks it's time to check the accuracy of some voting machines.
Clarkson said an audit is important because of national concerns about the voting machines that thousands of Kansans use to cast their ballots each year. She added that she noticed some suspicious patterns after the November elections and wants to find out why.
But Beth Clarkson said government officials have been reluctant to provide her with the records she needs to conduct an audit.
The Lawrence Journal-World reported that Sedgwick County election officials refused to allow computer records to be part of any recount, instead telling Clarkson if she wanted them she would have to fight for them in court.
And as we all remember from high school, if you can't trust a mathematician, who can you trust? (Besides your car to the man who wears the star.)

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