Brian Stelfreeze: The Flash!

So I've been asked to write a piece about Brian Stelfreeze, which is convenient, since it's one of my favorite things to do anyway. I start writing about a poster of The Flash Brian painted back in the 90s but for once my normally outstanding google-fu is failing me; according to the internet, Brian did no such thing. But I'm sure he did—it was hanging up all over the DC Comics offices. And yet.

Naturally, I write Brian and ask him if I'm losing my mind. He draws one fewer Black Panther panels that day, instead sending me a copy of the mythical painting in question. It looks even better than I'd remembered, and I'd loved it at the time.

So it's official. I haven't completely lost my mind, not yet. And here, internet—this is for you: Brian Stelfreeze's painted Flash poster. You're welcome.

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