Superman by Kevin Nowlan

An extensive Google Image search seems to reveal not one single hit for this amazing Superman splash page by Kevin Nowlan. So let's rectify that, shall we?

that's right, that's my handwriting at the top. no, I'm not taking sole credit for the brilliance of
the issue. not in public, at least
That is, of course, from Legends of the DC Universe #6 by the phenomenal creative team of Kelley Puckett, Dave Taylor and Kevin Nowlan, a team which, sadly, despite having absolutely amazing chemistry, did but the one issue.

But what an issue. It was just a single issue in the middle of an anthology series, yet both Chuck Dixon and Ron Marz have listed it amongst the comics they think are some of the greatest ever—and, as usual, those guys are right. Kelley's script was typically incisive in his minimalist way. Dave—one of my favorite comic book artists ever—was at the very top of his absolutely incredible game, and his layouts were utterly clear yet propulsive and inventive, despite being done in something like a week (not his fault: the issue was rushed into the pipeline when some other creative team dropped out belatedly). And, of course, Kevin's inks and colors were...well, they were some of his very finest ever, which is saying something, considering he's one of the very greatest artists in the history of the medium—truly an artist's artist.

Sometimes I can't believe how lucky I am.


  1. Just wanted to drop by and say how much I liked your work on Batgirl growing up. I'm reading the recollected editions that came out this year and feeling very nostalgic. They don't write em like they used to! Cheers... and wish Aruna got more than just that one Planet DC issue.