So yesterday I was (gently) chided by Kelley Jones for exercising too much creativity and not being traditional enough.

Allow me to explain. Kelley and I were talking about household duties, as we so often do, both being stay-at-home dads. And we were talking about how we were both overdue for the annual pumpkin carving, and exchanged some basic pumpkin-carving tips. I mentioned that I try to bounce back and forth between (poorly carved) scary jack o' lanterns and (poorly carved) funny jack o' lanterns.

Kelley averred that jack o' lantern faces should consist of triangle shapes, and that to go too far afield from the basic design was to lose the essential jackness o' lantern.

The guy who took this character:

and turned it into this:

thought I wasn't hewing closely enough to tradition.

I took it under advisement. Then I grabbed a pumpkin, closed my eyes, and allowed my id to take over.

I feel it might be expressing some sort of opinion on the matter.

(Also, I realize this is a bit on the nose but, hey, I've never done one like this before, and Kings of Fear did just come out last week.)

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  1. Awesome Bat O’Lantern! First one would make a great emoji. The kids and I are enjoying the series! Thanks! -J.B. Hurt