Mark Millar reviews The Gotham Adventures

A pal just sent me a review of The Gotham Adventures from way back when. It's a really nice review, but what makes it truly noteworthy is that it was written by superstar writer Mark Millar, back when he was still pretty new himself, and well before his days on The Authority.
Again, one of the buried treasures since it started. It's almost a cliche, but the Adventures books really do tend to be better than the core titles and incredibly underrated. I thought this would take a dip after the departure of the brilliant Ty Templeton, but Scott Peterson has really made this book his own. It's a shame more people aren't reading this. Peterson's another guy who should get a crack at the core titles and they could do a lot worse than Burchett on the art.
I don't know what issue he was reviewing, but it seems to have been published around November 2001, which means it might have been Gotham Adventures #44.

I opened on something not at attention-grabbing:

Oh, Tim Levins. No matter what I asked for, you always made it look so much better than I dared could have dreamt. That last page is comic book storytelling perfection. And the weird worm's eye view of the first panel of the previous page? Fantastic.

Kelley Puckett once teased me for these kinds of really blatantly obviously heartstrings-tugging openings. I ignored him. And then turned him into a villain.

(And of course, Millar was right about Ty the Guy's brilliance—I really truly believe that Ty's on the shortlist for Most Talented Creator in the history of the medium. He once wrote and illustrated a one panel comic for DC's in-house magazine that showed what looting during a blackout would look like in Gotham, and it remains one of my very favorite Batman-related pieces ever ever ever.)

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