Truckus Maximus: high-octane adventure

The School Library Journal reviews Truckus Maximus! An excerpt:
Welcome to a futuristic world that never saw the collapse of the Roman Empire. There are enormous disparities among social classes, with the rich cloistered away in temples with plenty to consume and the poor working themselves to death for a meager existence. One of the few things that unites everyone is watching Truckus Maximus, the ultimate car race.

[José] García’s art owes much to traditional manga—characters have large, expressive eyes and artfully spiked hair. Creative paneling and great use of fumes, fire, and smoke capture the frenetic action. Peterson effectively conveys Piston’s journey as an underdog and Team Apollo banding together when facing obstacles.

VERDICT ...this high-octane adventure will appeal to fans of manga or racing.
They could not be more right about José's amazing ability to capture frenetic action via  creative paneling, great use of fumes, fire, and smoke and pretty much every other tool in the kit, as well as a few I think he invented.

Oh yes

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