Dragon Heels

io9 has a regular feature they call Concept Art Writing Prompts. They post a piece of art and invite readers to submit stories based upon the illustration. I've started writing (very) short stories as a warm-up to my real writing. This one is based on a piece by Julie Dillon

Dragon Heels

Zaldra went along with it. She smiled sadly, she nodded, she agreed—to be blunt, she lied. She said it was only temporary, that as soon as the economic downturn was over, she'd finally be able to put her many advanced degrees to good use, finding a lucrative, stable job, something she could count on. A career. 

But the truth was, she had never been nearly as happy, as fulfilled, as understood as she was when they were all out on their daily walks together. 

A career? She'd found her life. 

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