Batgirl Beyond: Annie Wu interview

I know. You were thinking Annie Wu couldn't possibly get any more awesome, right?

And then you read this interview at Project: Rooftop. And as she walks you through her thought processes you realize that no matter how badass you think she is, that doesn't even begin to scratch the surface. And I don't say that merely because her opinion on superhero footwear perfectly matches that of Melissa Wiley.
[O]ur Batgirl doesn’t have Wayne money the way Terry does. So “homemade” but “futuristic homemade”. And I wasn’t going to have her run in anything higher than flat boots because that’s crazy to me (and by extension, this Batgirl). Instead of putting her in something that enhances her chest like a lot of other female characters, I’m going to make sure she’s well-secured in-costume and a reader will never be distracted about how she’s probably super-uncomfortable or magically keeping any bits in place while she’s doing the important work of kicking some goon’s face in. I also thought, when you’re a teen girl who is teen girl sized but also a costumed vigilante, you’d want to present the most menacing silhouette you can muster so you can strike fear into the hearts of many and whatnot. Posture can only take you so far, so let’s find ways to add to her presence by exaggerating her shoulders, having her cape fall in a certain way. The cape was my one indulgence, by the way — we’ve all seen The Incredibles and even logic tells us they’re bad news but, man, I like the way they look and the silhouette they create. But, even so, I made it removable!
(Not to mention other people finally get to see the other cover designs she came up with.)

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