Clip v Magazine

In Uncivil War: After the Fall is a short story where a police officer is getting ready. She makes sure she's got everything: 
As soon as the call came over the radio, Belinda knew another body had been found. Even before she heard the voice, she was getting ready. Pepper spray, nightstick, handcuffs, gun, extra clip and, most important of all, badge. Almost at all times, the badge.
One word there gave me pause. A lot of pause. 

I know the difference between a clip and a magazine and I know that what she would have been carrying would have been a magazine and not a clip. (I also know that in circumstances different than the world of Uncivil War, she'd probably be carrying more than one extra magazine.) 

But it sounded wrong. It didn't look right on the page. (And making it plural looked even wronger.) 

So I weighed whether to go with what was correct but didn't look right or what I knew to be wrong but which looked better. I knew that several of my readers would get pulled out of the story as soon as they saw the word "clip," but decided that even more readers would get pulled out of the story by the word "magazine." 

So I went with clip. And proceeded to continue debating the matter in my head for the next several weeks. I thought about how words change over time, how the word "bully" used to be akin to "sweetheart," or "awful" similar to "wonderful." Finally, I decided to just write about it here. 

Which I've now done. Bully for me. 

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