Uncivil War: After the Fall

So I've got a new Uncivil War book out.

It's called Uncivil War: After the Fall, and it's a short story collection. We get to see what things are like in various other parts of what used to be the United States of America.

As the back cover copy says:
A pair of estranged brothers reluctantly agree to meet in order to exchange a mysterious package. A middle-aged woman orders a very special burial in the inner city. An officer investigates the latest in a string of grisly murders of the rich and powerful far out in the country. A community learns just how far they'll go to get back on the grid. And a desperate drought-stricken family decides that water is indeed for fighting—or dying—over.
It's very different tonally than The Island—I think some folks may have gotten the impression Uncivil War was going to be YA, and just a page or two of After the Fall will make it quite clear it's not—but I think together they actually compliment each other quite nicely. Check it out and let me know what you think—it's even on sale right now for less than a dollar.

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