Happy Valentine's Day from the Midnighter

Of the many cool things about working at WildStorm, one of the best was getting to edit the Midnighter monthly. I took over the title from Scott Dunbier not quite halfway through the run, and got to work with some of the finest creators in the industry, including Keith Giffen, Chris Sprouse, Rick Burchett, Trevor Scott and the impossibly awesome Lee Garbett.

When it came to the final issue, Keith wrote a 21-page story. It would have been easy enough to stretch it an extra page, but instead, we decided to thank the fans for their support. And what better way than with a heartfelt tribute?

I think the actual bloody heart was my idea, but the lil' Midnighter Cupids were Lee's, and turning the valentine in the background into the Carrier's door was colorist Gabe Eltaeb's. Obviously, I'm biased, but I think this may be my favorite shot of the Midnighter ever, due in no small part to the great Lee Garbett being so great.

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