Truckus Maximus: the interview!

Chris Barton, who's not only a wonderful children's book author but also one of the only human beings who might just have better musical taste than I, interviewed me and Truckus Maximus illustrator José García (one of the only human beings who might just be more prolific than Chris Barton) about Truckus.

Being interviewed together was a delight, as I discovered yet again that José and I are like peas in a pod, except for the ways in which we have absolutely nothing in common. I like to think that strange combination is what makes us so simpatico as collaborators.

Here's the interview—and if you move fast, you might even win a free copy of Truckus Maximus! Oh, sure, I know, you've probably already bought a copy of Truckus for yourself, as well as several more copies to give to loved ones this holiday season, but if you win Chris's giveaway, you'll also have one to give to strangers, and what could be better than winning—nay, earning—the eternal love and gratitude of a complete stranger? Exactly: nothing!

So what are you waiting for? Go now—operator is sitting by.

“I was drawn toward tales of underdogs — especially when they banded together to achieve something none of them could ever do on their own.” (2-question Q&A and giveaway for December 2019

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