RIP Dennis O'Neil

I have written and rewritten hundreds and hundreds of words since I got the news first thing this morning. And none of those words seem right. None come close to capturing who Denny was or what he meant to me and my life. I don't have anywhere near enough skill. And even if I did, I just...I can't right now.

The world feels different today. It's like gravity has shifted somehow—not so much less of it, or more or it. More's not quite straight down any longer, but is now off to the side somewhere. Not a ton. Just a bit. But enough to make everything feel off-kilter, askew. The planet's still revolving, still rotating. But it's not the same. It's not the same.

illustration by the incomparable Brian Stelfreeze

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  1. I thought of you immediately when I first heard of his passing. My heartfelt condolences Scott. I remember what a special part of your professional life he was. God Bless.